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I have no place for my sadness
It no longer fits in a box
I’m sorry to say, even though it’s been told
It cracked the code and and picked the locks

I have no place for my sadness
It somehow got smarter than me
And the tricks that it learned made it brave and bold
It broke the leash and set itself free

I have no place for my sadness
So my sadness abandoned me.

No way to curb my longing
As slippery as a black snake
It twists and it turns for these hours on end
A fever dream that refuses to wake

No way to curb my longing
A failure of chromosomes
Or a dog at the door again and again
My longing finds its way home

No way to curb my longing
So my longing won’t leave me alone

This is no complaint
I’m praying to the Saints
and Sinners all around
I’m star crossed
Sitting cross-legged on the ground

I haven’t the practice of reason
The reason is silly it seems
I suppose that it’s true, upon further review
I’d dash logic for sake of my dreams.

I haven’t the practice of reason
So! I’m not building a road.
I’m the water that falls in the dam that won’t hold
I’m the river that overflowed.

I haven’t the practice of reason
I already know what I don’t want to know

There is some regret
I have torn my safety net
And ripped my parachute
I am flawed
Perfectly so, possibly just like you

This is no request
No ordinary test
Of strength and character
I’m not lost
I’m on a permanent detour



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ellen cherry Baltimore, Maryland

I am song & story Alchemist and I want to meet you at the intersection of creativity and recovery. While on tour in Texas, I was struck by an intoxicated driver which resulted in a violent wreck. Through my music and multi-media performances, I explore the pain and joy of recovering one’s body and spirit after extreme trauma. ... more

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