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I've been on a mission for a few years now to get rid of all my remaining merch from old projects. I started using the pay what you want model around 4 years ago and found a lot of success with that, but I want to be free of these old projects. I'm not sure if I'll print another CD---the eco cost of it feels like too much. I want to find other ways to deliver my music and help you hear it. I just can't use up all that plastic and oil anymore.'s been a long time in progress, but I'm down to the final few hundred of discs, tshirts, postcards and posters. PAY WHAT YOU WANT (and bandcamp is making me price it at $1....oh well) and I'll ship it to you for $10 flat fee.

TO DO THIS, PLEASE JUST SELECT ONE UNIT, FILL IN THE PAY WHAT YOU WANT SECTION and then include in the message area what and how many you'd like. I'm sure this'll be confusing, but I have confidence that we can figure it out, together! No matter what you pay, shipping will be $10 FYI.

You can pick and choose between:
(New) Years [2010]
Mobtown Moon [2013]
Mobtown Moon poster [2013]
Portraits POSTCARDS [2018]
The Thread [2016]
Mobtown Moon tee-shirts....I have a few XL and a few womens S/M/L....those are like kid sizes though

AGAIN, this is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT.... If this means that you only want to pay $10 total, that's the deal. You get the merch (I'm going to limit orders to a few copies of any one CD, cause I don't think it would be fair to me if someone paid just shipping and got like 100 CDs....just trying to protect a little bit of my investment, here, thanks!) But if you need more, just let me know and I'll figure it out. Thanks always for the support and thanks for buying the CDs when they were full priced. I appreciate that a lot. It means I was able to live indoors, eat and continue making more music. You rule.

Sold Out


ellen cherry Baltimore, Maryland

I am song & story Alchemist and I want to meet you at the intersection of creativity and recovery. While on tour in Texas, I was struck by an intoxicated driver which resulted in a violent wreck. Through my music and multi-media performances, I explore the pain and joy of recovering one’s body and spirit after extreme trauma. ... more

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